Creative Culture

The culture of a company defines its possibilities
A creative and empathic culture opens a universe of possibilities

Learning through music is emotional and generates enthousiasm.
It stimulates thinking in a way that coaching via talking alone does not.

We use these effects in combining a musical activity with
discussions about corporate topics.

It is proven that rhythm has a direct emotional effect on the human brain and creates a sense of bonding and connectedness from person to person.

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Rhythm is it!

Creative Culture Workshop

The plan: the group learns and plays a brazilian samba.

The medium: brazilian percussion instruments.

The process: reflecting and transferring the creative culture elements.

The challenge: be open, connect to others, think for the team.

The goal: realize the creative culture elements to improve corporate culture

What are the elements of a creative culture?

Creative Culture Elements


Active listening is the key to communicate better. What is our individual benefit and how it can improve our work-culture? 


Intelligent leading is done by empathy and respect. What are the similarities in the music group and in everyday work life?


The music process develops a lot of creative potentials.
In a coaching exercise we discover which are really new to us.


Music is nothing without steady innovation and improvisation. But how can we learn from the musical process for the company?


Successful leading means also to let team members grow self responsible. The process in the music group shows you how.


Team spirit and reliability is created through a common goal and enthousiasm. As musicians the team is welded together in a new way.


How big companies can work as flexible, effective and creative like a small, agile startup? How can we use design thinking processes?


To be functional the music group has to be structured. What can be the benefits if hierachies oszillate from time to time?


How can different individuals
work together fulfilled
and convinced and follow
 a common vision?

Creative Culture Workshop

Whether you would like to do a leadership workshop, a team building seminar, a conflict solution or a design thinking process - the form of the workshop adapts in a flexible way.

The playing in the group helps to understand which elements of the creative culture are needed to be an effective team and perform succesfully.

And by the way: no fear to play the instruments! It is not so difficult and music is in every one of us!

The group learns to deal with chaos and errors, because they are natural elements of the musical learning process.

Mutual listening, respect and empathy improves the team bonding.

The tight timeline together with constant feedback of the trainer needs focus, agility and flexible hierachies.

With improvisation the group learns to deal with the unexpected.  

Awarness of movements and posture gives new insights about how our body language influences our feelings. 

The musical learning process is supported by coaching sessions and discussions about how to transfer the abilities discovered in the music group to everyday work life.

Exercises in active listening, coaching of individual potentials, productive handling of conflicts - like in music with dissonances - and discovering new useful patterns in work-processes are part of it.

The group playing generates positive energy and enthusiasm which makes it easier to transfer new abilities and behaviours to corporate life.

Music connects the two sides of our brain and enables us to act intuitive and structered at the same time! The playing in the music group will be used as a meta-pattern for every form of work in a team.

Team spirit and enthousiasm lead to a better corporate culture.
A better culture leads to better productivity.

Our Clients

Ahmed El-Salamouny is a certified trainer and coach of the German employees asscociation (DAA). He has studied Music-Psychology and Physiology at the Hanns-Eisler University, Berlin. Ahmed is a member of the German Association for Music Physiology and Musicians‘ Medicine. He completed his music studies at the famous Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria.
Highlights of his career: In 2007 he worked as a studio musician for the film The Counterfeiters which won the Oscar as best foreign language film in 2008. His concert tours took him to many countries and cities like New York, Vancouver, Paris, Helsinki, Barcelona, San Francisco, Bangalore, Rio de Janeiro and many others.
In 2007 Acoustic Music Books published his book Breaking the wall where Ahmed describes a path to better learning, more creativity and a better dealing with stagefright, which was praised by leading newspapers as a very valuable contribution to personality development.
Since 2009 he has realized more than 50 Rhythm is it! workshops for companies, amongst them AUDI and DAIMLER (Mercedes).
In Creative Team Coaching Ahmed works together with renowned trainers and musicians.


Ahmed El-Salamouny
D-80337 München



Phone: +49 (0) 89 537651